It is a door to explore "Let's make" of "elements that stimulate creativity".

Please prepare the "exploration items" shown below.

Let's make a mysterious top that changes its appearance when rotated!

On the day of the event, not only the work, but also the secret of the top and

the introduction of inventions by rotation,Then you will learn what "Otakara"

is born from imagination and creativity.

Reservation Closed

Thank you very much for the many applications we received.
We have closed the application process.


  • * This workshop will be held online using Microsoft Teams. A personal computer or smartphone is required.
    In addition, it will be a 45-minute workshop, so please prepare a sufficient communication environment before participating.
  • * Please be prepared as you will need your email address to enter.
  • * Please be careful not to duplicate participation in other workshops at the same time.
  • * Please refrain from participating in the same workshop multiple times because we want many people to experience it.
  • * If you make an entry by mistake or cancel your participation after entry, please contact the administrative office.
  • * Videos and images of the day may be posted on the JPO website. note that.
探検アイテム 紙皿ゴマ

Please bring your own writing utensils for coloring, such as crayons and magic markers!

If you have stickers, origami paper, etc., it will be even easier and more fun, so please have them ready.