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Open! Sozo door

Open! Sozo door

Get your treasure with
full creativity and imagination!

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This event is held online.
The workshop itself will be explained in Japanese.

"Kaiten no Yakata" is a mysterious building that stands quietly in a lost forest.

There are three doors and petals ...

Let's open the doors and doors you care about and explore!

The secret word of exploration tanken is "Sozo"!


コマづくりの扉 扉を開く


ぬりえの扉 扉を開く


商標の扉 扉を開く

To parents

Welcome to the Japan Patent Office "Junior Innovation Festival"!

At the JPO, under the vision of "telling the essence of creativity to children,"

The following eight elements have been set as "elements that stimulate creativity".

  • Let's know the reality
  • Let's know the issues
  • Let's know the solution of the problem
  • Imagine
  • Let's make
  • Let's combine
  • Let's talk to an expert
  • Let's share

This time, with the theme of "rotation" used in various inventions,

You will experience (explore) "Let's make", "Let's combine", and "Let's talk with experts".

Parents and children are encouraged to experience the "surprise and excitement

when looking at it from a different perspective."